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Breana is a success story that almost didn’t happen. It shows how important every opportunity can be. The story goes like this. Breana showed up to Project YouthBuild a few weeks after graduation and mentioned that she had an interview at 1pm. This absolutely great news came at -you guessed it- 11am! However, she had decided she didn’t want to go, even though she stated she needed a job.

After an on the spot PYB intervention to which she was no stranger, she stated she would give the interview a try. Staff immediately drove her home to get changed in the attire staff had drilled into her repeatedly during employability training. With her resume she had prepared while in the program, she went to her interview and a week later she was working full time with the Hilton.

Later when asked, Breana was very thankful for staff advice. The employment opportunity gave her the ability to support her and her son.

She worked for the Hilton for over a year. She even took on another job conducting phone interviews. Talk about determination to make a better life for her family.

While still employed, Breana applied for a job with a local bank. Because of her solid work history with the Hilton, the bank was anxious to hire her, and she is now a full time teller with better pay and benefits.

Breana continues to strive for more. She is a full time mom and employee, but she is also focusing on her education. It is her goal to attain her GED so that she can eventually enroll in college. She intends to do all this while remaining employed.

Breana is an amazing woman with grit and determination. With just the smallest push, she took hold of an opportunity that was in front of her instead of letting it pass her by, and she parlayed it into so much more for her and her son.