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Upon graduating Project YouthBuild, El’leonte enrolled in Santa Fe College. This will be his 4th semester, since he started in the fall of 2011. El’leonte is pursuing a 2 year degree in Information Technology Management. He has aspirations of being an entrepreneur. Upon completing his degree, El’leonte is looking to open his own electronics repair company focusing on handheld devices and laptop computers.


El’leonte, voted unanimously by his peers to head up the PYB Youth Policy Council, displayed his leadership skills mainly through his actions. El’leonte is the type of leader that chooses his words wisely and seems to always find the appropriate time and words to say for the situation at hand. He is also very driven. As a parent, he has continued to stay focused on the prize while always keeping his little girl at the front of everything he does.

There is no doubt that with his internal drive and determination El’leonte will complete his degree and continue aspiring to greatness.